Mission, Vision, Objectives
The mission of St. Jacobi is to assist parents of our congregation and the community in the training and instruction of their children. St. Jacobi lutheran school accomplishes this mission by:
  • Feeding with God's saving word
  • Training for the World
  • Living for Jesus
  • SJL School nurtures students to be active disciples in church and school activities.
  • SJL families are witnesses for Christ in their homes, congregations, and communities.
  • SJL School provides a school culture and climate that reflects the love of Jesus
  • SJL School nurtures students to model the love of Jesus in our school, home, church, and community.
  • SJL School promotes the reading of, and the listening to, God’s Word in homes.
  • SJL families show involvement by actively serving in their homes, congregations, and communities.
  • SJL students are equipped with leadership skills to use in school, church, and everyday life.
  • SJL students are well prepared for their high school education.
  • SJL School maintains a comprehensive curriculum rooted in God’s saving Word.
  • SJL provides a modern place of education that is steadfastly true to God’s Word.
  • SJL School is recognized as an excellent school in the Greenfield Area.
  • The staff of SJL School is recognized as being excellent for achieving academic success for students and for working with school families.
  • SJL families assume responsibility for the education and development of its students and will support their education to the best of their abilities.