News & Notes 



If you are looking for a way to read your Bible every day, you might want to use this list for achapter of God’s Word for each day this week.
1 Kings 16, 17, 18; Psalm 91; 1 Thessalonians 4, 5; 2 Thessalonians 1.

PRAYERS: We pray for Mr. David Liebhard, currently teaching at Mount Olive Lutheran School in Appleton, WI, whom our Voters have called to be our 5th Grade teacher and Technology Director.

HOSPITALIZED: Linda Aumann (St. Luke’s South Shore), Ardeth Thomas (Heritage Square).

MEMORIAL: $1,000 for St. Jacobi’s continuing service in our Savior Lord, in memory of Judy Eckert from Pastor Emeritus Paul Eckert.
--$100.00 from Ted and Linda Somers in memory of Donald Doepke.

THANK OFFERING: $400 for the Operating Fund, Missions, and the Building Fund, from the Ken and Shery Statza family in celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary.

COUNCIL AND BOARD MEMBERS INSTALLATION The following men were elected at  the Annual Meeting.  In parentheses (  ) are given the names of those elected in the past and continuing in their positions. PresidentPaul Manske;   Vice President: Jeremy Fredrich; Secretary: (David Hackmann); Treasurer: Andrew Mork; Financial Secretary: Nathan Finke; Board of Education: Ken Kasbohm, (Jason Miller), Lauro Rodriguez, (Steve Salaty), Jeff Terek, (Mark Wojak), (Aaron Wolfgram); Board of Elders: Darren Hackmann, (Dale Klessig), Aaron Manske, Mark Mathwig, John Miller, (Carl Nolte), (Arno Tellier); Grounds & Maintenance: Mike Boye, (Ben Kallies), (Kyle Kolosovsky), (Ryan Rayeske); Board of Evangelism: Dennis Doebler, (Don Groth), (Matthew Herrmann), Board of Stewardship: (Steven Jaeger), Gary Saatkamp; Board of Finance: (Dick Boese), (Jerry Helm), Gary Johnson, (Scott Kruger),  Tom Mielke, Jeff Osterman, (Vernon Stern).

A SINCERE THANK YOU to those men who have served our congregation in elected positions in the past and are now going off the boards this year: Darrin Allard, Ralph Engelhardt, Chris Evans, Shaun Nommensen, Walter Parker, Mark Smrz, and Andrew Suchy.

SNOW SHOVELING HELP IS NEEDED on school days and before church services. Speak with one of the pastors if you are able and willing to help.

IF YOU OPTED TO RECEIVE OFFERING ENVELOPES FOR 2022, your envelope box is on one of the tables in the atrium. Please take it with you as you leave. The giving statements from 2021 are also available in back of church.

AT OUR ANNUAL MEETING we were happy to welcome several new voters and carry out elections (see above). In addition to hearing reports from various boards overseeing our joint ministry the congregation extended permanent calls to Mrs. Lisa Terek and Mrs. Mandy Walker for morning and afternoon Kindergarten respectively. They are currently serving in one year calls. We pray they will stay with us!
Because of God's abundant financial blessing the Voters also chose to replenish the Called Worker Housing Assistance Fund with $50,000 and set aside $125,000 in the Estate Fund to cover deferred major maintenance expenses. We expect to have to pay that amount and more for some major fixes in 2022.
The revised constitution and bylaws also were passed and members can pick up copies from the tables in back. Copies of the Annual Report are also available.
As we looked at God's blessings of 2021 we are motivated to all worship together, work together and serve together so that we stay true to Jesus' mission for us and reach as many as we can!

A NEW MEMBER WELCOME DINNER WILL BE HELD ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6 at 12 NOON in the Community Room at church.  All St. Jacobi members are invited, and members who joined our church family in 2021 are especially welcome. Please sign up if you plan to attend. Members (not the new ones, of course!) may also sign up to bring a dessert or a dish to pass.

THE MEMORIAL SERVICE for Donald and Florence Doepke has been rescheduled for January 29th at 12 noon here at church. A visitation will be held from 10:00 A.M. until the time of the service.

THE ST. JACOBI LADIES’ AID will meet on Wednesday, February 2 at 11:30 A.M. in the church Community Room. Hostesses are Darlene Brosseau and Kathy Bavuso. We welcome guests. Bring your own lunch. Dessert and coffee will be provided. At 1:00 P.M. Our speaker, former St. Jacobi teacher Carol Kolosovsky, will give a presentation on her journey as a writer. Carol has worked with our Synod’s Multilanguage Productions and has had a Children’s book, “Little Lamb Gabe,” published. Any member of the congregation is welcome to attend her presentation at 1:00 P.M. Her book will be available for purchase after her presentation.

THE NEW FLOWER CALENDAR IS OUT in the narthex. Use it to donate flowers for the altar in memory of those who have gone to heaven, or in commemoration of special blessings and events in life.

SAVE THE DATE: Our next Game Night will be Sunday, February 20th from 2-4 P.M. in the large community room in the church building. We will be playing Co-ed Bunco. If you haven't played, it's an easy game and we'll have a quick tutorial at the start for anyone not familiar with the rules. Sign up in the narthex or just show up! Game night is for men and women 18+ who are looking for a fun time of games and socializing. It's FREE and we'll have snacks and drinks too!

A NEW BIBLE INFORMATION CLASS HAS BEGUN. But there is good news: it’s not too late to join the class if you wish to do so. This class presents the basics of what we believe and teach on the basis of Scripture. Is there someone you could invite or bring with you to this class? Might a review of the basics be beneficial for you even as a member? The class meets on Sundays at 9:30 A.M. in the large conference room at church (the one with the comfy chairs). Speak with one of the pastors if you’re interested.

OUR PIZZA FUNDRAISER IS BACK! Our school kids will be selling pizzas to raise funds for our St. Jacobi School. If you don't have a school kid to order from, there are also order forms in the back of church. Forms are due back to the box by Sunday, January 30th. You can then pick up your pizzas on Saturday, February 19th from noon-2pm. Thanks for supporting our school.

OUR 150TH ANNIVERSARY FUND HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED. Plans are not finalized, but include some renovations and a mission project. You may use the Special Gift envelopes on the table in back, or you may give electronically on our website by clicking on the “giving” tab.

KIDS’ CLUB MEETS AT 9:30 A.M.  We start off with a large group devotion in the church sanctuary, then break off into individual classes. The Armory, which is the group for the older kids, meets in the small conference room. We could use donations of prepackaged snacks, including some gluten-free, dairy free, and peanut free foods. Bring donations to the ushers’ room marked “Kids’ Club.” Thank you in advance!

THE ST. JACOBI AV COMMITTEE NEEDS YOUR HELP.  During each worship service the slides on the screens are operated by a volunteer assistant.  This entails sitting at the AV desk during worship and clicking through the slides for the service.  The slides are created in advance and the system is set up – you just need to click through.  Anyone grade 6 and up can be a volunteer assistant.  We’ll provide training to make sure you are comfortable and answer any questions.   If your technical expertise is more advanced OR you want to learn, we also have opportunities to help with the streaming of the 8:15 A.M. worship service.  Training will be provided and apprentices are welcome!  Interested?  Please email Fran Sutter:

THOSE WHO INDICATED THAT THEY WANTED TO BE MEMBERS OF THE F.I.T. TEAM (GREETERS) should go to our website,, and click on the FIT (greeters) page and sign up for the Sundays they can greet during the next year. Anyone interested in being a greeter is invited to look at this page on our website. You can choose a certain day and worship time each month, or you may simply choose a day here and there as you are able to help.

CHECK OUT THE ST. JACOBI “TAXI” board in the back of church if you need a ride or can provide a ride for someone, whether for church, or for other activities.


THE BOOK OF REVELATION IS OUR FOCUS IN SUNDAY BIBLE CLASS.  The Revelation of Jesus Christ, the last book in the Bible, is one that continues to be a “popular” study focus among Christians. But that doesn’t mean it is well known or really understood as well as we wish we knew it. In some ways it can be challenging. However, there are two main reasons why it’s a smart choice for our personal and group study:
  1. First, it is largely a repetition of great truths previously taught in the 65 Bible books that come before it. This is especially true in its presenting of “Law and Gospel” or “Sin and Grace” for us forgiven sinners. Even though these truths are presented in unique ways (in the use of “apocalyptic visions”) they will reinforce eternal truths God loves to talk about.
  2. Second, it is designed to strengthen our Christian faith, centered in Jesus. The warnings and comforts are the perfect diet for our souls in these “last days” of planet Earth as we know it. Revelation’s central message gives distinctive comfort and encouragement that meets our deepest needs.

May our gracious Lord always bless our study of his Word – including the study of this special book! May we pilgrims on earth thrive on the heavenly focus that is here set before us!
(Those who are able to have a copy of the Revelation volume of The People’s Bible set will do themselves a big favor to make use of it in preparation for each week’s class.)


This Week at St. Jacobi

Sat. Jan. 22                  -          5:00 P.M. Worship Service
Sun. Jan. 23                 -           8:15 & 10:45 A.M. Worship Services
                                     -           9:30 A.M. Bible Classes and Kids’ Club
Mon. Jan. 24                -           5:30 P.M. Public School Confirmation Class
                                     -           7:00 P.M. Worship Service
Tues. Jan. 25               -           10:00 A.M. God’s Time for Seniors

                                     -          11:00 A.M. Senior University
Wed. Jan. 26               -           6:30 P.M. Bible Class

                                     -          7:30 P.M. Mixed Choir
Thurs. Jan. 27              -          8:15 A.M. God’s Time for Women
Fri. Jan. 28                   -          SCHOOL HALF DAY—TEACHER IN-SERVICE
Sat. Jan. 29                  -          5:00 P.M. Worship Service
Sun. Jan. 30                 -          8:15 & 10:45 A.M. Worship Services
                                     -          9:30 A.M. Bible Classes and Kids’ Club