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If you are looking for a way to read your Bible every day, you might want to use this list for a chapter of God’s Word for each day this week.

Job 27, 28, 29; Psalm 143; Hebrews 2, 3, 4 

PRAYERS: We pray for the family of Jane Haasch whom the Lord called home to heaven on January 21 at the age of 92 years, 10 months, and 20 days. A memorial service will be held at a later date.

NEW MEMBER WELCOME FEBRUARY 5TH: On February 5th we will have our New Member Welcome Dinner after Sunday’s services. As part of our 150th anniversary celebration, our worship for the day will center on the theme, “Celebrating God’s Grace by Sharing It.” Please see the sign-up sheet in the narthex for the dinner; also indicate if you could bring a dessert, side salad, chips and/or water for the occasion. Everyone is welcome! Let’s have a great turnout to welcome our new members!

WE WANT TO WELCOME ALL MEMBERS OF LADIES AID AND ALL LADIES of the congregation to our next meeting on Wednesday February 1 at 11:30. Mrs. Drewitz’s first grade class will be singing for us. Please bring your own lunch. Coffee and dessert will be provided by our hostesses for the month. Hope to see you there.
THINGS TO PICK UP: If you did not opt out of receiving an offering envelope packet last year, your 2023 offering envelopes are ready to be picked up in the atrium. Also available are the contribution record statements from 2022.  

WOULD YOU LIKE A FEW MORE PARENTING TOOLS in your toolbox? Pastor Spaude has begun teaching a course on the ABC's of Christian Parenting, a 4-week course, from Jan. 15th-Feb 5th. Childcare provided! The class meets on Sundays 9:30-10:30 in the large conference room in the back of the Church Community Room.

LET YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS KNOW about our terrific school. Registration is now open for the 2023-2024 school year. We have YARD SIGNS available in the church narthex, and are hoping you will put one in your front yard until registration is over. Then bring it back, and we’ll save them for next year. Let's give more children a chance to hear about our Savior. Please grab a sign and a wire stand for it on your way out. We'll put a notice in the bulletin when it's time to bring them back. Thanks!

INVITATION TO HAVE FUN AND BE FRUSTRATED! The book of Job is a lot of things. A classic of world literature. A highly praised epic poem. A great example of ancient and biblical wisdom literature. It is also one of the most frustrating accounts of a fellow believer named Job—a tremendously prosperous and pious person. Why frustrating? Because it deals with fundamental questions we all ask but leaves the questions partially answered – and unanswered. Why do the righteous suffer? Why do the wicked prosper? Why is Satan allowed to do damage to us and others? Yes, these are good questions, Yes, Job answers them, but not fully. All in beautifully expressed poetry. Looking for fun and some frustration? Come join us in our Bible study on Sundays at 9:30 A.M. in St. Jacobi’s Community Room!

 OUR 150TH ANNIVERSARY HISTORY BOOK is being distributed! We planned on one booklet per family unit. You may obtain your book on the table in back of church. Check off your family name from the list when you pick up your book. While we are offering these to member families free of charge, there is a box for donations should you wish to reimburse the 150th Anniversary Fund for the cost of the booklet. Additional books may be purchased for $5 each.

DON’T FORGET ST. JACOBI’S POWER HOUR Fridays at 8:30 A.M. in the Early Childhood Center, room 102. This is for parents and their children to enjoy together! This program is for kids from birth through 4 years old. Join Katrina Fredrich for a bible story, songs, playtime and a craft! This is a free program open to our school, congregation, and the general public. We look forward to seeing you there! (We will not meet February 3rd  when there is no school.)

COLLEGE CARE PACKAGES--Our first College Care Package delivery was a success!! Thanks to Thrivent and the many generous donations from our congregation, we delivered/mailed 18 care packages to college students who are members here at St Jacobi this past fall. We have had so much positive feedback and are planning our spring deliveries now!
St Jacobi is again partnering with Thrivent but our team is also in need of donations. We are looking for mini snack items such as cookie packs, granola bars, goldfish, candy, etc., $10 gift cards, or a monetary donation to go towards these items, as well as other dorm and religious items we hope to purchase. We will also be including another message letting them know their church members are thinking of them. 
We will be collecting for the spring care packages until Monday February 6th in hopes to get them out by the end of February before all the different spring breaks start. If you would like to contribute, there will be a box in the back of the narthex labeled "College Care Package Donations." If you have a college student or know of a college student who is a member here and would like a care package, or have any questions about donations, feel free to reach out to Stacey Kane at


This Week at St. Jacobi

Sat. Jan. 28                  -           5:00 P.M. Worship Service
Sun. Jan. 29                 -           8:15, 10:45 A.M. Worship Services

                                     -           ?9:30 A.M. Bible Classes, Kids’ Club
Mon. Jan. 30                -           6:30 P.M. Worship Service
Tues. Jan 31                -           10:00 P.M. God’s Time for Seniors
                                    -           11:00 A.M. Senior University
                                    -           7:00 P.M. Bd. of Elders
Wed. Feb. 1                 -           6:30 P.M. Mixed Choir
Thurs. Feb. 2               -           8:15 A.M. God’s Time for Women
Fri. Feb. 3                                NO SCHOOL--TEACHER IN-SERVICE
Sat. Feb. 4                   -           5:00 P.M. Worship Service


Join us as we celebrate God’s grace throughout our 150th anniversary year. Details of each event will be publicized as it approaches on the calendar.


January 14, 2023 (Saturday after church)— Celebrating God’s Grace through the Years in Our Shared History and Fellowship--An elegant wine and cheese gathering provides time to mingle and reflect as well as view special history displays. Musical entertainment will also be provided..

February 5, 2023—Celebrating God’s Grace by Sharing It—Epiphany is a time to rejoice in the privilege of sharing Jesus for 150 years.  We will welcome new members and partake in our New Member Welcome Dinner.

March 26, 2023—Celebrating God’s Grace by Gratefully Serving—For 150 years, individuals and groups at St. Jacobi have used their time and talents to serve the Lord in their lives and through our congregation.

April 23, 2023—Celebrating God’s Grace to St. Jacobi—On this date, closest to St. Jacobi’s founding, our celebration of 150 years of God’s grace comes to its culmination with guest preacher, WELS President Mark Schroeder. We will have services on Sunday only. A catered meal will follow. Tentative Keynote speaker: former Pastor Timothy Henning.

April 30, 2023—Celebrating God’s Grace with WLHS—WLHS Sunday—Rev. Dr. Kenneth Fisher will be our guest preacher. Wisco’s Woodwind Ensemble will beautify our worship.

May 21, 2023—Celebrating God’s Grace, Reaffirming Our Commitment—Confirmation Sunday gives us all an opportunity to recommit ourselves to our Lord and his ministry at St. Jacobi.

 Celebrating God’s Grace
History Presentations

Join in with our Senior University on the following dates for special presentations connected with the history of St. Jacobi Congregation. It’s yet another way to celebrate God’s grace and blessings over the past 150 years. (And you don’t need to be a senior to attend; everyone is welcome!)
February 7, 11 AM: Principal David Hackmann—Observations on Changes in Christian Education (by Mr. David Hackmann)
March 7, 11 AM: When Our Church Building Preached the Gospel—A Virtual Tour of Our Old Church (by Mr. John Miller)