News & Notes 


If you are looking for a way to read your Bible every day, you might want to use this list for a
chapter of God’s Word for each day this week.

 1 Samuel 21, 22, 23; Psalm 74; 1 Corinthians 2, 3, 4

FLOWERS: The flowers on the altar have been provided by William and Lois Dude in thanksgiving to God on their 25th wedding anniversary, September 28th..

THANK OFFERING: A thank offering was received from Jim and Bonnie Goede in gratitude to God for their 54th wedding anniversary.

MEMORIALS: $325.00 to the Building Fund from family and friends in memory of Arlene Hands.

STAFF AND ORGANIST RECOGNITION: At the end of Sunday’s early service, and at the beginning of the late service, we will thank God for and acknowledge the milestones of years of service at St. Jacobi for Mrs. Amanda Suchy (Early Child Care Assistant)—1 year; Mandy Walker (Early Child Care Assistant)—1 year; Mrs. Melissa Wolfgram (Early Child Care Assistant—year; Mr. Zackary Zuberbier (Custodian)—1 year; Mrs. Vanessa Brosseau (Early Child Care Assistant)—5 years; Mrs. Linda Gunkel (Hot Lunch Coordinator)–5 years; Mrs. Heather Moore (2nd Grade)—5 years; Mrs. Lisa Terek (Early Child Care Assistant, Art)—5 years; Mrs. Vicky Brandenburg (School Admin. Asst.)—10 years;   Pastor Richard Waldschmidt--20 years; Mrs. Ann Kremer (3rd Grade)—35 years.

We also give special thanks to God as we recognize the faithful work of our organists and keyboardists:  Mr. Ralph Engelhardt, Mrs. Kirsten Kasten, Mrs. Pam Manske, Mr. Alex Moore, Mr. Carl Nolte, and our keyboard musician, Mrs. Chris Spaude. We thank Mrs. Elaine Schaewe for her years of service as an organist as she steps into retirement, and Mr. Paul Frisque who is now serving at Christ the Lord congregation in Brookfield. We would also like to recognize all of our instrumentalists and children who have done preservice and offertory selections.  On behalf of the entire congregation, "Thank You!

AN ESTATE PLANNING SEMINAR will be held in connection with our Senior University this Tuesday, September 28th at 11 AM in the church community room. The entire congregation is welcome. More information is available in the back of church.

BESIDES OUR HYMN FESTIVAL TODAY, we will use our Bible class period to interoduce more elements of the new hymnal our Synod has produced. Come to the large community room at 9:30 A.M. Sunday to take part in this special presentation featuring these interesting and useful peeks at our new hymnal.

THE LUTHERAN WOMEN’S MISSIONARY SOCIETY will collect mission offerings for their fall rally this weekend and next,  Sept. 26 and Oct.3. Projects receiving your support are the Children’s Ministry Outreach that helps develop new children’s programs at home mission congregations. Gifts for Outreach to Roma (Gypsy outreach) will supply materials for children’s Bible camps, youth groups, and VBS programs.

MISSION FESTIVAL IS OCTOBER 10TH. Vicar Erik Alair will be our Mission Festival preacher. There are sign-up sheets in church and school for a Mission Festival potluck meal. This should be a great
fellowship opportunity, and a way to get to know Vicar Alair and his family a bit better. 

PIZZA FUNDRAISER: Time to make the pizzas for our school Pizza Fundraiser!!!! Oct. 2, 8-11 A.M. Might you be available? We have about 25 pizza makers signed up so far....but we're looking for 90 people, adults and kids 5th grade and up! We could use a couple supervisors in the childcare room too. The more hands the faster it will go! It's a great way for teens to get their service hours! Click the link to sign up for the fun.

A JANITOR is needed to clean our school and early child care facilities. The position is paid, part-time, 6-7 hours per day, 2-3 days a week—there is some flexibility as per days and hours. The position also may be shared by more than one person. Speak with the pastors or stop by the church/school office if you are interested.. 

KIDS’ CLUB MEETS AT 9:30 A.M.  We start off with large group devotion in the church sanctuary, then break off into individual classes. The Armory, which is the group for the older kids, meets in the small conference room. We could use donations of prepackaged snacks, including some gluten free, dairy free, and peanut free foods. Bring donations to the ushers’ room marked “Kids’ Club.” Thank you in advance! We are looking forward to another great year of learning and fun!

WLHS WORK DAYS—Do you have yard work or fall cleaning that needs to get done? Consider hiring hard-working members of the WLHS student council for a few hours for a free-will donation. All money raised will go to the 2021-22 WLHS mission project. Workdays will be held on any Saturday or Sunday starting September 25 & 26 through October 30 & 31, excluding homecoming weekend, October 9 & 10. To request a team, please email and include your name, address, phone number, the work you need accomplished, and the day(s) the work could be completed.

PARENT INTEREST—THE ARMORY--Hello parents! I am hoping to expand The Armory Bible study group to include outside of Sunday worship/Bible class opportunities. With that, there might be some traveling involved and costs included with each event. I was hoping to get some feedback before planning the events so that I can ensure there is support for what is needed to make this successful for our 6-12th graders (If enough students participate, we will divide it 6-8th and 9-12th.) Please fill out this survey accordingly (use the QR code to the left), and contact me if you have any questions! ~Mrs. Janelle Nitz (262)212-2318;


This Week at St. Jacobi
Sat. Sept. 25                -           5:00 P.M. Worship Service
Sun. Sept. 26               -           8:15 & 10:45 A.M. Worship Services
                                    -           9:30 A.M. Bible Classes, Kids’ Club
Mon. Sept. 27             -           5:30 P.M. Public School Instruction Class
                                    -           7:00 P.M. Worship Service
Tues., Sept. 28             -           10:00 A.M. God’s Time for Seniors
                                    -           11:00 A.M. Senior University
Wed. Sept. 29             -           6:30 P.M. Bible Class
                                    -           7:30 P.M. Adult Choir
Thurs. Sept. 30            -           8:15 A.M. God’s Time for Women
Sat. Oct. 2                   -           8:00 A.M. Elders
                                                8:00-11:00 A.M. Pizza Making
                                    -           5:00 P.M. Worship Service with the Lord’s Supper



                        Ministry Financial Support Update for August
YTD Operating Fund Regular Contributions         $541,459                      (+8% over 2020)         
YTD Operating Fund Income--All sources            $855,939                                 
YTD Operating Fund Expenses                            $933,398                                 
Gain or Loss (Income less Expenses)                - $ 77,459                      (Loss)                                YTD Operating Fund Transfers                             $      149                                  
Operating Fund Balance as of August 31           - $ 77,310                      (Deficit)          
YTD Mission Fund Regular Contributions             $112,855                     (+2% over 2020           
YTD Bldg. Expansion Mortgage Contributions      $240,727